Takra DharaTakra Dhara

Takra dhara is a form of shirodhara, an Ayurvedic treatment method which involves continuous flow of medicated butter milk to the centre of forehead continuously for up to an hour a day. The process can last from 7 to 21 days. It is a cure for vata predominant diseases, relieves tension and cures certain types of skin diseases. Takra means butter milk, from my earlier post you have an idea of shirodhara, what they do here is boil milk and medicines and add little curd keep it over night, it is then churned and shirodhara is done with that buttermilk. It is very cooling and very effective in skin diseases, like psoriasis.

Kadi VastiKadi Vasti

This is an ancient treatment for healing back pain. Warm medicinal oils are retained by a dough dam placed over the lumbar or thoracic region of the back. Anti-inflammatory herbs such as St. John's Wort and Nirgundi and nervine tonics such as Brahmi are used to heal and strengthen the tissue.


Pizhichil is a special form of Ayurvedic treatment that combines rich oil massage with a special heat treatment. This therapy is known as the “King’s Treatment” due to its popularity with the Maharajas of ancient India. During this indulgent treatment 20 liters of medicated and warmed Ayurvedic oil is continuously poured over the body while two practitioners rub and stimulate the skin using hands and special cotton cloths. The process is performed with the person both lying down and while sitting in a chair specially designed for the purpose of applying medicated oils. This is a highly rejuvenating treatment that enhances muscular tone and retunes the entire nervous system. It comes as a package in itself – a course of 10 days is necessary to gain its maximum healing potential.


Treatment is renowned for its ability to heal problems related to the head and neck regions. Alzheimer's disease, migraine, certain psychosomatic diseases, arthritis, headache, insomnia, mental illness, hyper tension, sinusitis etc. are some of the most common ailments treated using this method. In Thalapothichil, the person's scalp is completely applied with high value medicinal pastes. This enables the medicines to penetrate faster into the brain cells. The healing properties of the herbs also calm down the nervous system and rejuvenate the person. To start the treatment, the person sits on a chair, well relaxed. Selected medicinal herbs, thoroughly ground and made into fine paste, is then thickly applied on to his scalp. The head is then covered up with leaves, usually banana leaves, to form a perfect mask. This is done to allow the medicines to stay on and function well. The mask remains on the person's head for almost 40 to 50 minutes giving wonderful relaxation to the mind. The effect of the medicines calms down the nerves, relieves mental tension, increases the person's memory power and improves his sleep pattern.


Nasyam is very important treatment for illness in the head region. Nostrils are the doorway to brain. As such, treatment to that area is being done through nostrils. Application of medicated oil and powder through nostrils is called nasyam. Main types of nasyam are virechana nasyam, dhmana nasyam, brumhana nasyam and shamana nasyam. Nasya not only helps in removing toxins from the head, neck, brain, eyes, ear, nose and throat region, but it also helps in snehan (unction), shaman (pacifying the toxins without removing them), bhringan, tarpan (nourishment) and gives immunity to these parts. With the use of nasaya, mucous membrane of nasal cavity is stimulated and therefore, other associated organs are also affected. Therefore, the obstructed kapha, in the channels, is removed which results in proper blood circulation in the head The procedure of nasaya helps in the elimination of spasm in the nose. It also dilates the constricted bronchial tubes and bronchioles, thereby helping in the treatment of dyspnoea and asthma. Nasaya helps in eliminating toxins from the head, neck, brain, ear, nose, and throat and cleans all the channels, which results in improved circulation of the nourishing dhathu in the deeper tissues. In this way, nasaya helps in preventing many disorders related to these organs like paralysis, various headaches, diseases of sensory organs, sinusitis etc. It provides strength to sensory organs, prevents ageing, hair loss and graying. It also keeps the skin of the face and body free from wrinkles. Virechana Nasyam

Virechana: – purification Nasyam is performed with medicated Lubricants like oil, ghee, paste or various herbal decoctions etc. used as purgatives in his head.
Dhamana Nasyam Here the medicine is insufflated in to the nostrils in the form of powder. Brumhana nasyam medicated oil, juice of herbs, act as roborants and nourish the tissues
Samana Nasyam Pratimarsha dose are used for Shamana Nasya. This neither nourishes nor purge but nullify the symptoms of illness and bring immediate relief. The fore head and neck region is gently massaged with suitable oil for sweating. Patient is made to lie back with head slightly bent back. Warm oil is dripped in to both nostrils. Which the patient has to draw in after the treatment the throat, cheeks and foreheads are massaged gently gargle is also advisable as a measure of post treatment care. Kapha related toxins from the Para nasal sinuses are eliminated and the regions get nourished. Great relief in the head, clarity of sense organs, unobstructed breathing, good sleep, are the results of this treatment. Nasyam is excellent for Chronic sinusitis, Headache, Throat diseases, Epilepsy, Catarrh, Migraine, Voice constraints, Eye diseases and Cervical Spondyolosis.


Traditional Ayurvedic Massage using special oils made from Ayurvedic herbs for rejuvenation, general health, toning the skin, relaxing the body and improving circulation. 60 minutes.

ThalapothichilMedicated steam bath

Certain precious herbal leaves and herbs are boiled and the steam is passed to the whole body for 10 to 20 minutes. this is good for certain skin diseases, to eliminate impurities from the body to improve the tone of the body to reduce fat etc..

ThalapothichilMukhalepanam (Facial)

A herbal facial cleanser and toner which nourishes and revitalises the skin improves the skin texture and can slow down the onset of wrinkles. 40 minutes.


Oil(thylam) or medicated milk is poured on the forehead in a unique method. Good for insomnia, loss of memory, mental tension, stress and headache. 1 hr. 15 minutes.

ThalapothichilShiro Vasthy

In this treatment the head is covered and medicated oil is retained in the head for 60 minutes. This is effective for hradache paralysis mental diseases.


Sweating the body with lukewarm boluses filled with herbal leaves cooked in Ayurvedic oils. Recommended for arthrities, joint pains and backache. 1hr. 30 minutes.

ThalapothichilPizhichil (Oil Bath)

Special Ayurvedic oil bath where lukewarm herbal oil is applied in a rhythmic way. Good for arthritis, backache and nervous disorders. A truly luxurious Ayurvedic experience which also includes a 20 minutes full body massage 60-90 minutes.


Sweating the body with lukewarm rice boluses. Good for pain in the jonts, arthrities, traumatic disorders to the skeletal system. 1hr. 30 minutes.


A slimming treatment where by herbal powder is applied to the body. Good for obesity, bad criculation and diabetes. 60 minutes